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DIY Haggis Kit

  • DIY Haggis Kit
  • DIY Haggis Kit

This haggis kit is guaranteed to give you the real Scottish experience in your own home. The kit contains no animal products, you provide your own filling so it can even be prepared for vegetarians. The 'Homemade Haggis Kit' includes 3 synthetic haggis bungs (skins) which hold 1lb of haggis each, 3 lengths of twine, 1 pack of haggis seasoning mix, 1 pack of vegetable suet, 1 haggis recipe sheet. Add your own minced beef or lamb (515g).

Ingredients: Haggis mix (oatmeal, salt, rice flour, dried onion, spices, wheat flour, black pepper, flavourings), Vegetable suet (vegetable oil, wheat flour)

Allergy information: Contains wheat flour, oatmeal and gluten.

Made in Scotland.