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Hearts of Ireland Pendant - Black / Kilkenny


Beautiful heart-shaped pendants made with marble from Ireland. A small key charm dangles next to the heart and a celtic knot charm dangles below. Each coloured marble heart comes from a different part of Ireland and has a specific meaning (see below).

Includes 18" snake chain.

Measures approximately 2.5" x .75"

Made in USA.

The green marble comes from Connemara in Ireland. This serpentine-rich rock is green in colour and has winding patterns of the many different shades.

The red marble is mined from county Cork in the South West of Ireland. It is a resedimented limestone, containing mollusks and other sea fossils suspended in red clay then hardened by centuries of heat and compression.

The black marble is mined from Kilkenny, Ireland. It's a beautiful dark limestone flecked with the pale remains of fossilized shells, corals and sea lilies. The stone is so abundant in Kilkenny, it was used to pave the city, which is why Kilkenny is called "The Marble City."

The white marble is known as Ulster and most commonly comes from northern Ireland. Famous for its chalky white colour, it is often used in sacred jewellery such as rosaries.